Removable apartment, unstable income, family discord … With such a luggage, surviving a medium -sized crisis is especially difficult. Making plans for the future and hoping for success is even more difficult. How to return faith in yourself?

You know how it happens – you don’t think about anything sad, but you don’t want anything. Everything seems wrong. Plans for the future you think about at such a moment are stained with skepticism. Because it will not work out and there is no need … the call from an unknown number raised me just from such an emotional bottom: “Congratulations, your mortgage application has been approved, let’s

agree on the day of the transaction …” The story of the campaign to bow to the Golden Taurus went to a new round.

Crises of “different ages” are held in their own way. The main thing is to see the symptoms. At some point I noticed that I forgot how to smile. Just lost this simple skill. There were many reasons for this, but the basis was one. I have lost faith in myself. The belief that I can be truly useful and successful. Several working failures, unstable business income, family disorders. The latter was the most difficult. Coming from work, I felt unspoken in the air: “You are a loser”.

I turned around, looked around and saw that it was so

I live even in the center of Moscow, but in a rented apartment. The car is not bad, but for the capital – so -so. I relax abroad a couple of times a year, but the money on vacation has to be considered. Though business is growing, there is no superior. And then years they are clinging. Many familiar, probably, reflection. But for me – the wrong, I’m not used to being lagging behind, especially for loved ones. One thing was clear-something needs to be changed.

And I decided that I needed a new house. Even in a mortgage. As a business owner, I had to collect a huge dossier. Documents and people, customers and employees, employees of the HOA and the credit bureau spoke about my reliability and success. The final chord was the medical board in the insurance company. People in neat costumes carefully studied me on the subject – whether I will reach another 20 years. Before paying a mortgage. We decided that I will reach. And gave out a piece of paper in addition to three hundreds of already collected sheets.

I am sitting opposite a thick folder with documents for a mortgage, in fact – with a bunch of evidence of my own success, and I think: “But you have achieved a lot. Why do you need to endure people and circumstances? Why in recent years have you taken everything on yourself and put up with the feeling that the closest people are using you?”

And before I finished all this to think, I found in a notebook a telephone of a divorce lawyer ..

Then it was easier. With an awkward and non -mentioned help of the bank, I suddenly believed in myself again. And he began to smile. Not right away, but love and trust appeared in my life again. The business began to bring more money. And so much that the bondage was repaid not in 20, but for 5 years. And the former wife is quite happy. She made the correct conclusions and was able to build a new happy family. Without unnecessary reproaches.

It turned out that it turned out. Finding a new meaning, I took on a new responsibility. And built not just a house, but a new one. Here is such a catharsis through a credit broker.

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